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I can't understand why bp's are so popular! They are my least liked snake!

Anyways, COLUBRIDS BABY Like hello, COLOURS! Sure there isn't money in them, but so what, there are so many columbrids of so many body types, habitats, personalities, feeding habits. Wow!
Beauty snakes, cornsnakes, milksnakes, kingsnakes, garters, ribbons, black rats, grey rats, leucistic texas rats! Oh my! Bamboo rats, mandarin rats, brooksi, chain kings, tangerine hondos. HELLOOOO!! Colours and colours to dazzle the mind! Even the lowly garter snake comes in amazing colours. Have you heard of Blais flames you guys, WOWEE!

I've got boids, big boids, pythons and boas alike, but colubrids baby. Sure they don't impress the neighbour, you don't need to fork out big bucks, it's not about status, it's about COLOURS!

They comprise of what? 2/3'rds (correct me if I'm wrong) of all snake species RIGHT ON!

Hot damn baby!!!
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