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Lalime will be back (sens couldnt score for 6 games not his fault)
Spezza back 100% (they arent going to let the future best player slip away)
Alfie back
Hossa back
Havlat back
Chara back
Redden back
Prusek back
Phillips back
Vermette back
Fisher back
Schaffer back
Volchenkov back
Bondra (YAY) back
deVries back
Neil back
Smolinski back
Varada (YAY) back
Bonk back
White back

Leschyshyn gone
Pothier gone
Ray gone
Simpson gone

Martin .. I REALLY hope he stays. I think that Lalimes screw up cannot be blammed on him, and if the rest could score there wouldnt need to be a game 7. He played 6 solid. Martin turned arounf the sens from a last placed to to first in only 6 years and i think getting rid of him would be a crime.

Mukler should also be back as GM. His deals didnt pay off this year, but with the man who put together the greatest team ever on your side (gretzky, messier, coffey, macsorley, kurri, fuhr etc) it is always a good thing.

Thats how I think the Ottawa situation will boil down.

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