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Snakes certainly can hear and it is kind of inappropriate to say they're "deaf." Obviously, the detectable frequency range is much smaller and is more restricted to long-wave sounds and vibrations, but they are able to detect vibrations in media (solids, air, etc). This sense is of course termed "hearing." Although snakes lack external ears, snakes "hear" via an arrangment in their jawbones. They are almost completely deaf to airborne sounds (note, I said almost, they can detect very low wave frequencies in air). Snakes still have the stapes bone (they lack the malleus and the incus), these three bones are sometimes referred to as the hammer, anvil and the stirrup. Any vibrations picked up by the skull or sekelton are carried through the quadrate bone to the stapes and then into the inner ear (auditory nerve). It is best to realize that they are mainly sensitive to ground vibrations rather than "sounds." But it is still hearing. All animals differ in their hearing capabilities and no one would say a human is deaf just because an owl can hear a mouse in the leaves from 50 feet away and the human cannot .....

For eyesight, everything that has been said is correct. Snake vision is mainly for motion detection; however, some diurnal species have exceptionally accute vision and some species merely have vestigal eyespots that can detect only the difference between light and dark but that's about it.....

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