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i moved out of my parents house 3 years ago. after a month i really became super lonely but my landlord wouldnt let me have a dog or cat. so i went to the pet store and saw this snake. it was very chill on a heat rock and i said well, they look cool. i went home empty handed and did some research about what kind of stuff i would need for this snake( turned out to be a BP) i returned in a few days and bought my first BP ( her name is Ka) and i fell in love with her! when i found out Ka was a girl i said well now i need a boy ( duh!) and 3 months ago i acquired through a breeder my little boy Osiris( got him for $20 and boy is he a little piggy) he's healthy and happy and just as sweet as she is. my next herp is an albino BP.
the end.
"trust in me, just trust in me.....close your eyes... and trust in me... " Ka- The JungleBook
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