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She is absolutely crazy. She is not "tame" at all, lol. it is a real fight to clip her nails. She gets mad and "boxes" us if she doesn't want her toys taken out at night time (so WE can sleep!) And she does the random run jump kick thing that is hiliarious! She is spoiled though.

She is about 5lbs, she has a 4ft long cage that we sometime plan on putting shelves in so she has even more little areas to play in.

Also once we can get her out of this house we plan on taming her down quite a bit and possibly leash training her.

It's wonderful that she is litter box trained, only need to clean out her actual cage about once every 2months (no poop OR pee in the actual cage!, it's so nice!)Lol

She has her "pills" to. It's a papaya tablets that she gets every morning to help her digest her food/fur that she eats/may eat. Every morning when we wake up she is standing up on her hind legs with her front paws against the bars WAITING for it.

We are looking into getting a lionhead bunny sometime. They are SO cute

And everyone thinks rabbits are rodents! lol

sorry for the long post!
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