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What's so hilarious about those posts is that if the ferret and the snake both escaped its more likely the "poor, defenceless ferret" would eat the snake - not the other way around!!! Well, I guess some of it depends on the size of the snake, but the ferret is from the weasel family and weasels are snake killers. I've seen video footage of a weasel killing a 6-8' long cobra.

I keep mice, rats and snakes all in the same room (same as Vengeance - I'm in an apartment so I have no choice). As long as you are responsible and keep the needs of all pets in mind, which includes providing them all with secure enclosures, I can't see a problem. In the event that you have a snake escapee (no-one ever plans it, but it does happen) you would want to keep the ferret (or other small furry animal) contained, or out on a leash rather than giving it free range, until the snake had been recovered, but that's just common sense.
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