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why i love this message board!

hey yo....

not to bug anyone

i just wanted to say i love this message board!

heres why..

i ask for help,oppinions,and all that..

sure im stuborn sometimes,and dont take peoples advice sometimes,but at least i dont get insulted like i do on other animal forums..

heres why..

besides the fact that i love snakes,and my next snake is an albino burm,i also love animals,rabbits,chinchillas,and ferrets!
i have wanted a ferret for so long,and along with my albino burm,im getting a ferret!(in a differint room of course)

and i posted about it on a message board..

and i started getting flamed right away...
here are some of the insults i got,and why..

1:quote "You must have gotten brain damage from all the martials arts you did,cause nobody in there right mind will have a poor defenceless ferret in the same house as visious ugly slimy snakes,that will eat any little animal they see"
(this one got me mad above)

2: "listin boy! your only 22 years old,you need to grow up,i dont feel comfortable with you getting a ferret,i dont think you should get one,you snake will eat it if it escapes"
(boy did i give this woman a piece of my mind, )

3:"your just a kid who knows nothing about animals,i wouldnt get a ferret if i were you,you dont know what your doing,you cant keep ferrets and snakes in the same house"

anyway,these were just some of the comments made from women on a animal forum,they make me laugh,and i got like 8 pm's from moderators on that site saying crap like "your on thin ice the way your talking"
and also saying the same thing that the other women said..

anyway,i'll stop babbling..
i love this board,i dont have problems with admins or mods,there all very nice,and the members here are no where nearly as mean to me as they were there..

so this brings me to my next question..are there any members here that keep chinchillas,rabbits,or ferrets in the same house as snakes?

thanks..and all members and moderators/admin..have a nice day!
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