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Originally posted by SaIiLdVaEnR
Oh, everyone will know me by my hat :P

Heh, to be honest with you, that's the only way that I recognized you! I was expecting you to arrive with some huge-arse group of friends too and so I was looking for a large group of people... then I realized that I was surrounded by one big group of people... they when I saw your hat, I realized that you only had one person with you. I was about to poke you and say "LONER!" but then I realized that I was completely alone... so instead, I just did the casual "AIDAN!" which worked too..

Yea, at this show, I only met Heather, Andrew, Deb, Aidan, Brian, Matt, Jenn, Jay, Teresa, Matt and Susan, all the other vendors, and a couple other people. I also saw Sunrunner and Linds but they were both busy talking.. so I didn't bother interrupting and now a regret it..
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