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Non Native Insects Illegal in Canada???

Hi all there is a bit of a debate on another forum as to the legallities of certain insects in Canada. Apparrently all non-native insects are Illegal to import, keep, breed, buy & sell unless they are dead as per Agriculture Canada??? So people say. CITES permits apply to certain species as per anything but other than that does anyone here know the "REAL LAWS" for sure in reguards to them? Arachnoids apparrently fall into a different classification (as they should) & are not affected by the same laws. This all came about when someone suggested bringing Mantis, leafbugs etc. to the Calgary TARAS show & I for one always like to know where I stand with the law. So if there is someone who knows the official laws & how or if they even enforce them pleae enlighten us THX Mark IsBell
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