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Originally posted by dank7oo
LOL - lets not remind you of the second bigest man in the nhl Gill. Considered to be one of the best fighters in the nhl (6'7 250) ended up with 17 stiches above the eye after Chara hit with only 3 punch. Belak ... LOL

And tell me this, who would win a fight between Gill and Belak??

Brashear and Laroque are prolly the two toughest guys in the league.. Have you seen Belak fight them?? I know i have, and he didn't lose.. And i have also seen Chara back down from Laraque cause he knew he was out of his league.. Belak is a legit tough guy, Chara isn't.. Not until he fights someone who has more then 45 Penalty minutes.. Hal Gill is tough, yes.. But not a legit NHL enforcer.. If he was, Boston wouldn't have got out and gotten Doug Doull..
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