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keeping two snakes together is a really bad idea.

----If one gets sick they BOTH get sick
----There fore you have to take 2 snakes to the vet because you don't know who is sick!

----Even if you do find poop in the cage, you don't know WHO's it is!

----Double the vet bill (obviously)

----can get aggressive towards each other

-----bp's stress easy anyways, keeping two naturaly SOLITARE reptiles together will cause stress and may cause them to stop eating.

----if they stop eating because of stress they will probably get sick.

and it starts all over

not to mention

a male female together at to young of an age can cause the female to get pregnant WAY to early and cause egg binding which can cause the snake to DIE.
The female should be of a certain SIZE and WEIGHT BEFORE breeding.

I'm not sure of the age/weight thing but there are plenty of breeders on here that do know.

And one more thing. It is WAY to EASY to go pick up a rubbermaid and set it up for a bp.
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