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All I want out of this series, is for someone to beat the hell out of Alfredson and Chara. Alfredson the most, he is such a stuck up, arrogance SOB. I think Torontos best attribute for this game seven is the fans. We all know how toronto fans are. Now, imagine a game 7, in Toronto. I can't wait.

1) The wonderful bits of acting by Senators players when they get tapped lightly or shoved a little bit and then fall to the ground like there was an earthquake.
Amen. The refereeing in general has aggrivated me throughout the series.

I dunno. Judging my last nights period three and overtime, Ottawa will be hard to beat if they continue to play like that.
I think its more of, if LEAFS keep playing like that. They don't seem to be putting much effort fourth. It is not necessarily that Ottawa is playing amazing games, its the lack thereof on Torontos part. I think this will change for this last game, though.

I dunno. It seemed that you guys only scored last night off an Ottawa skate - lol .. same with your first goal the night before.
As far as I am concerned, a goal is a goal. And is the result of defence or the goalie making a mistake, either way. Just like I can say Charas goal was a ****** one. The last one was pretty decent.

There have been some UGLY goals for both teams, but that's besides the point.. Toronto vs. Ottawa has easily been the most physical of all the series.. I think if the Leafs can get passed Ottawa, they will be just fine.. And if Ottawa get's passed Toronto, they too, will be just fine..
Well said.
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