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Originally posted by damzookeeper
Oh, and I finally met the illusive Emily along with her black widow! EWWWW!
Haha, tell me about the "finally" part! I've been chatting to you online since I was what, 9 years old? But yeah, it was crazy cool to meet you, and I'm sure Shelob will appreciate the kind words Teehee!!

Sunrunner: I must have seen you 50 times... but I didn't bother saying hi to you since you don't even know who I am.. lol!! Ah well.. next time..


We totally need one in Ottawa. Maybe not the same magnitude, but a smaller one for the locals who are SO left out - lol.


Left out, eh? Dude, I brought my lil' Montreal tush all the way from Montreal for this show, but man, was it ever worth it!

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