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Well, I have to agree with everyone, this was the best show ever. Great new location. I didn't do too well on the selling part but came home way over my head in debt with a few new beauties.
Got a beautiful new blue tongue male from John, what a wonderful gift anyone could give me.
I got a pair of beautiful dragons from Megan and ICULizards, got another spectaular girl from Capital Dragons, Thanks Tim!!
I also got my pair of ocellated skinks andI got a pair of 1.1 fire cresteds from someone that delivered them to the show for me. I was so upset when I got them home though, went to house them and the male freaked out and lost his tail! I didn't even touch the dang thing! I was so t'ed off. I realized they lost them easily from stess but hadn't realized they would lose it without the tail even being touched! Both male and female seem to not be used of handling they freak easily, and are nearly full grown. I hope the female does alright and the male calms down soon. They are housed separately. I also got Lars, Linda's blizzard breeder and a bliz hatchling that we have decided to name snowbell. And of course some feeders.
And now I'm awaiting some supplies by currier as well, all in all I spent over a grand after what was brought in. So, needless to say I'm broke. lol. But I still want Tim's blood. Dragon, I mean. lol.

I was so tired today at work but it was so worth the 12 hours of driving!!!

Oh, and I finally met the illusive Emily along with her black widow! EWWWW! lol
Also met Rob from Canadian feeders. What a really nice guy he is! Very friendly and sweet.
Saw some old faces and met some new people. All in all it was a blast! Hope I get out to the next one as well.
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