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Originally posted by Bartman
that was fast lol...DAMN THEM...why do leafs always do that

AKI BERG SUCKS SO MUCH ITS UNBELIEVABLE...i always did hate him...good game though..and a huge waste of my time
if you're implying the goal was cause by Aki Berg, you might wanna have a look at the replay and see why the guy who scored (i think it was Fishcer) wasn't covered.. Reichel let his man go to the net.. Feel really sorry for Belfour, the guy has been playing his heart and has been the lone reason the Leafs are even in the series and the guys wont give him any goal support..

Mats should play tomorrow, i would love to see a line of Sundin, Mogilny and Roberts reunited for this game.. If Mats isnt back, i think we HAVE to see, Nieuwendyk, Roberts and Mogilny if they plan on scoring more then one goal..
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