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Emails from Ebay

disclaimer: techies or old-school netheads can skip this

Since virii or fraud schemes tend to go out in massive email bombs to millions of accounts at once, I'm guessing that at least a couple of people received an email tonight from eBay asking you to update your user info or credit card information.

Don't click on the link provided, and don't fill in any info -- not even the login info.

A fraudulent site called has a fake eBay signin page, that is designed to steal your user name and password, then let you "update" your credit card info.

When you input a user name and password on the page, it doesn't actually check it against anything. It just saves the info you provided, so they can use it later to make bids on items using your reputation. If you've got a good rep they'll order things like laptops, rip off the seller, and you find out about it later when eBay or the police contact you.

This site takes it one step further. After signing in, it takes you to a credit card update page, in order to steal that info as well.

If you ever receive emails from sites like ebay and paypal or your bank requesting that you update user info, never click on the link, but type in the full URL (web address) that you use to visit the site normally. There are lots of tricks for disguising domain names in browsers so they're not easily deciphered, so when dealing with any personal info type in the address or use your favorites/bookmarks.

If this keeps anyone who is new to the net (and some of the schemes going on out there) from getting ripped off, then yay!
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