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All I can say is WOW! The new venue makes a world of difference. It looks so much more organized and professional. I was suprised that the parking lot was full with all that space I was sure parking would be an easy task It was a bit difficult to maneuver around the show inside, I didn't get to see a fair bit of stuff, but nonetheless a big improvement!

Unfortunately we had to leave earlier than we would've liked, but still had a good day. I picked up my little axanthic Kenyan (thanks to Grant vg for the delivery) that forgot to get packed last and a whole lot of feeder worms and some pinky mice. My biggest accomplishment... a HUGE thank you goes out to Dave (aka skinheaddave) for enabling me to hold my very first Tarantula and Arachnophyliacs for allowing me to use one of theirs for this nearly final step in conquering my phobia, as well as Aidan for bringing me his sweet rosea to hold and further accustom myself to the feel of spiders as well as answering some of my questions
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