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Thanks all for the positive feedback with the Expo. Its nice to hear after the long hours. The new facility really sets a whole new standard for Expos here in Ontario. When it comes down to each expo though its the team that is behind the scene that counts. The heart and sole of each event are close friends helping out to make each Expo a special day for all to enjoy. Please allow me to offer some special thanks to Tony L, Roy S, Steve Marks, Corey W, Matt K, Nick, Darryl, Margaret B, PAPA Horgan, Joe, Barb, Jeff, Vince, Mark, Kurtis, Matt R, Melly and the Snake Bar team Devin and Steven F. As well the guys at Bar B Q who were overwhelmed all day LOL, but made some kick a** steaks on request.

A gratious thanks to Neil Meister, BAZ, Wes Papineau and MR Ralph Davis who all made some fabulous presentations!

Please feel free to email me your suggestions on how to better the Expo. I look forward to seeing everyone again on June 13th.

Grant Crossman
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