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Question ok theres plenty of Ontario herpers on this site so...

Maybe someone can help.....

Ok so seein as crocodilians, large boids, large lizards and hots are high on my list of must have species it's hard to find a place to live and keep these guys legally.

Instead of tellin me where I can't live, can anyone tell me where I CAN??
I'm lookin to move to a place in southern Ontario and I really would like to only move somewhere where such pets are legal cuz I don't wanna risk getting fines, jail time, having them taken away or worse, them euthanized and all of the above.

I mean c'mon there's gotta be some legal hot keepers in Ontario right? o>
So c'mon where could I move to? I really don't want to part with any of my herps as I'm quite attached to them...

So any suggestions greatly appreciated!
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