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Snails rock! They are the coolest pets

Originally posted by Dani33
I think that Giant African Land Snails are the biggest, getting up to 8". I would really like to get one. Apparently, they don't need a mate to lay fertile eggs. Can these be fed to monitors like the apple snails? I'm curious because they lay like 100 eggs
They can actually lay up to 200ish eggs in a clutch. They aren't asexual however, they are hermaphrodites, so they do need another snail to mate with. Giant African Land Snails are actually part of a Savs natural diet. They are illegal around here so the sale of them is prohibitted at shows.

Originally posted by Scales Zoo

We had Giant African Land snails - but unfortunately they dried out, and did not survive.
Weird. They are supposed to be able to survive freezing temps, droughts, and food shortages - I believe this is one of the reasons they are illegal in most places across North America.
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