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I'm a large guy, I get made fun of because of that, but I snuff it up and walk away. There's always going to be someone tougher than you no matter who you are.I've been in fights but only because I have had to fight and I have gotten charged for it as well because I had to seriously harm the individuals so they wouldn't stab me in the face, the law didn't see that...I see it fully acceptible if someone is within an arm's length distance and they are continually prodding and poking at you physically i.e. pushing, or if you are in danger, but seriously, don't fight to try and prove something because all you will prove is that you are a hotheaded moron. Be the man and walk away, screw what people think and say, and stick your face in the books instead of throwing fists.

--By saying fighting is stupid I don't mean professional boxing or any of that sort...I solely mean people that fight to prove themselves to others.
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