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You know, all this boxin crap and being tough is very lame. I know I could kill everyone of ya...I aint though. Unless I had to.

I myself have been through a lot of martail arts, but more away from standardized arts. I took Wing Chun, JKD and Muay Thai (at Fairtex, aint nothin better in Thai), and threw in a bit of grappling for good measure. I also can get my a$$ed kicked. I was the biggest bullied kid in the western hemisphere. I have been tied to trees and beaten with rocks, beaten with sticks by a dozen jocks. Thrown down staircases, beat on the head with literal buolders...I have to laugh it off...aint a perdy childhood. Name it, it has been done to me.

That is why I took classes, plus my friend pushed me into it a bit. I ended out being his fight manager, and he did a damn great job...heh.

I look at it this way to, it has a lot to do with mentality. I learned most the time, you do not even have to throw a punch. Just act flippin nuts. Get in their face. Let em know you mean business. If they kick your a$$, deflate their tires. They come back...Bash in thier windows. Demolish their car. If they wont back down, tell you will eat their children, and f**king mean it. People do not mess with folks that are off the wall nuts, trust me. You never give up till they do, which I found out is really quickly once you push back harder than they ever will. I let kids kick my a$$ for years, I never knew I could fight back. I never knew, just thought it was my role in life all through school. Now I know, and nobody will funk with me anymore...Act truly works. Just be ready to get your a$$ beat in, just in case they are even crazier than thou ist...LOL
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