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Right gonesnakey!

Ticks are, for my old eyes, easier to spot. Mites are tougher. I admit to not seeing mites on my BRB's until I pulled them out for an inspection from under thier hide box. I was appaled @ myself as they were pretty much covered with mites. The Nix treatmeant you posted is and was the best treatment I found. It worked 100%.

Where the frik do they come from? I had other snakes that never showed mites, then all of the sudden, the BRB's were covered. Do I assume the breeder I bought them from has / had mites @ some point?



Apologies for my ignorance. I assumed that, that was the reason repeat spraying was needed
Haha...ignorance is my middle name! I think repeated spraying is probably a good idea, and will do no harm. The Nix treatmant is much less "toxic" than Prevent a Mite, which is also WAY expensive. Also, P a M is not good for an enclosure that has a high humidity, but that was my biggest issue, as the BRB's like it wet.

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