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I am so tired of the whole mites thing on these forums, but who isn't DOH LOL. Here is a link to the NIX treatment explained in full detail for all to read. I hate these threads that dance around the issue & have all these posts from people that sound like "old wives tales" etc. This is how NIX is used properly not just to eliminate or eradicte, but as prevention as a part of a proper quarantine procedure. If we all followed these quarantine practices in the beginning, none of us would ever have our collections exposed/infected. I'm not posting to hear everyones opinions on what treatments best or this might work or I heard this. I am posting so those who wish to read about & possibly use the NIX treatment, can & do so properly & safely. IMHO (speaking form lots of experience too, not just an internet opinion) NIX treatment is the best for preventing & dealing with mites. NUFF SAID! Mark

you'll have to replace the astrix with an a for it to work

http://www.kingsn* & look under the NIX treatment of course there are many other care sheets etc. there also that may be of use.
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