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good and bad news...


While practicing rugby tonight at a field behind my friends house we were horrified to hear a dog yelping and screaming in a way( sorta hard to explain). We have found cat bodies hanging from trees back there before and concluded it was probably the same people. Sadely we couldn't interfere as all we had was a football.
R.I.P little dog its sick to know people would do such a thing but i guess humans will never fail to disgust me.

On a much happyer note thoe,

After trying to get my ex friend to provide his turtle (turtly) better care ( hes been keeping it ina 10 gal tank without filter(he bearly ever cleaned it either it was basically living in its own sh*t) or basking lamp for 15 years) and offering to find a home for it or take it myself yesterday he finally gave it up to my friend who is buying a huge rubbermaid measuring 4' by 4' by 2' complete with a filter basking lamp and an awsome set up turtly will finally be able to experince all the things any red eared slider should.

Had nothing better to do so decied to share its a shame there should be higher standards for pet stores to inform people how to properly care for pets thaat will eventually turn from cute little turtles to bigger more damneding creatures.
Also he keeps his three begals in metal chicken mess cages 2 feet off the ground without a mat or anything and were currently building up enough evidence to get his dogs taken away by human society and if anyone knows anything in piticular we should be looking for to prove there beeing misstreated any poniters would be helpful.

btw whos going to the expo this sunday should be awsome!! hope we don't get lost(probably will my family in piticular my mom has a horrible sense of direction)
rock on
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