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Thanks Vanan & RMBolton. The eggs are set up There's about 15!

RMBolton, I didnt move the eggs when I candled them, just put the light near them, the light is about as big around as a pen and about 3 inches long so its easy to get the light near the eggs without moving or touching them. the ones I couldnt candle without moving I didnt candle.

Vanan, my father came home with perlite, boy does that stuff ever stick to your hands when damp.

but I've found dramatic differences between a clutch covered with sphagnum and one which wasn't.
What kind of difference?
Should I add a thin layer of moss over them then?
How much are we talking about?
It just so happens I had a brand new unopen bag sittin on my herp supplies rack.

What if I put some type of slanted dome type structure over the eggs, so that any condensed water would run down the sides, would that work?

Thanks for all your concerns, suggestions and help, I sure hope I get to see lil corns in a couple months.
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