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You probably have mites too if it took you 6 weeks to discover ticks (shakes head). I'd recomend reading up on aquiring new specimens & spending a lot more time handling/observing yours. This is obviously your first snake? I would check VERY closely to see if it also has mites & treat them ASAP if so. There are plenty of threads of info here already so I won't get into it. The lesson here kids is not to buy WC crap from people that can't even be bothered to "detick" them. I wouldn't be surprised if it is carrying some internal parasites as well. If they don't treat them externally they ain't been treated internally either. Might want to find a good reptile vet & go for a fecal & an exam just to help you get back on the right track. I would not make any more purchases from this animals seller either IMHO. Mark
P.S. not trying to be too harsh here, but yes I am disgusted >(
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