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Thanks so much for your response!!
ok, I sent my father out to get some perlite as i was told or vermiculite if they're out, and a heating pad to keep them at a proper temp. i have sphagum moss but was told not to use it. The temp in my room is 80 right now but it fluctuates and i dont want to risk them without heat.

This is how I was told and have decided to incubate them:
get a rubbermaid place in a few bricks to support the container the eggs are in. fill the rubbermaid with water to a few cms below the top of the brick. add in a thermometer and hygrometer. keep the humidty at 100% and the temp between 80 and 85. place eggs on damp perlite and set the egg container into the large rubbermaid. add a heating pad underneath to keep temps and humidity up.

Does that all sound ok?
Why do I need to wipe excess moisture off the lid? is it ok on the sides?

The eggs are a little dimpled right now, will the dimples go away now that they are in a more humid environment?

Theres 2 bad eggs, what should i do? the eggs are all stuck together so i dont know what to do as I heard they could hurt the good eggs.

i used my mini keychain flashlight to candle what ones were easiest to see and almost all have veins. Theres about 15, they're so tiny and I cant wait to see what hatches out!!
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