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Cage- Taiwan beauty snakes average a size of 8-9 ft. This seems like a lot but they are very slender. Almost like a racer. They are very active, so a large cage is needed for these guys. Something around 6x2x2ft is best. That would house a pair. These guys reach adult size in only 2 years when with most snakes it is 4 years. So I would suggest that if you do get one, that you get an adult size cage right away. The more cage decoration the better.

Temperament- You would think that for as large as they are and as mean as the look that they would have a horrible attitude. When in fact they have great attitudes. Very tame and nice to hold. They will hang on to just about anything though and you would not believe how strong they really are. One of my favorite snakes to work with.

Temperature- These guys like it rather cool, I don't even heat my enclosure. My herp room stays around 78-82 during the day and 72-74 at night. It is perfect for them. It really saves a lot of money when setting them up.

Humidity- They are a semi-humid loving animal and should have about 60-70 percent humidity. Or a single place that is kept humid all the time.

Feeding- These are a type of Asian rat snake. Their main diet is that of rats. At 5ft my pair are taking a small rat once every 5 days. The same size meal as my carpet python is eating. They need large meals because they grow so fast. Don't be afraid to offer them a little extra. They should have a nice size bulge in their belly when they are done eating.

Substrate- For these guys I use cypress mulch. It is cheap, easy to clean, and hold humidity well. The Taiwan beauty snakes love to burrow in it so I provide a little extra.

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