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Funny you mention the kingsnake. I've only been bitten once. Our baby king bites anything that moves when hungry. The first time she did, I just waited for her to release...10 minutes, and still holding. I put her under water for at least 2 release. I was worried she might drown and brought her up. Put her back down again for probably 2 minutes (in her water dish) and she let go. Chased my fingers out of her rubbermaid.

I've been told since then that putting their heads near (NOT UNDER) hot running water will scare them into releasing. Never had the chance to try it. Anyone ever try this?

1 adult bull snake: "Dozer"; 1.1 juvenile bull snakes: Oscar and Phoebe; 3 baby red-sided garters; 1.1 macklot's pythons
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