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There are many "monsters" of the past that are almost extinct that will never be proved as far as the general public goes. Things such as Yeti, Loch Ness etc. can very well be the last specimens of their species on their way to extinction. Remember that there are new speices discovered every day as well as ones going extinct daily. Until a specimen (live or dead) is discovered & brought into captivity they will never be believed in, whether they exist or not? How many species have come & gone in the last hundred years alone that we as humans didn't have a clue about even existing & may never. How many species are KNOWN to exist that are never seen in the wild despite being searched for resentlessly? I don't know about the Unicorn thing LOL but I can beleive in the existence of things such as Bigfoot, Yeti, Lochness etc. As they IMHO are most likely the "tailends" of some of Earths past creatures? Science may prove it one day, but until then people will always have doubts. Things have to be seen to be believed, right? LOL I myself have spent literally years in the bush & never seen say, a Grizzly in the wild. What are the chances of seeing an even more intelligent creature that doesn't want to be seen & is extremely rare too boot???
Anyhow, back to the thread, I too believe the "big one" is still deep in the jungle. I too think that the tribe substituted another snake just to get people to leave them alone. Why would they just hand over a creature they may very well consider to be a God to a bunch of Govt. idiots for finiancial exploitation etc? Give them a placebo & hopefully they will just go away LOL Mark
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