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Hockey Fans

Four hockey fans were climbing a mountain one day.

Each climber happened to be a dedicated fan of a different NHL team, and each proclaimed himself to be the most loyal of all the fans of their hockey team. As they climbed higher, they began to argue about which among them was the most loyal of all.

The arguements continued all the way up the mountainside, until finally, they reached the summit where the Climber from Vancouver took a running jump and hurled himself from the top of the mountain, shouting "This is for the Vancouver Canucks!" as he fell to his death.

Not wanting to be outdone, the climber from Calgary threw himself off the mountain, shouting "This is for the Calgary Flames!" as he too, fell to his death.

Seeing this, the Toronto climber, and fan of the mighty Leafs, walked over to the other climber and shouted "This is for everyone!" and pushed the Senators fan off the mountain.

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