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dont give reptiles prey you think might be too big, ususally if you think its too big and feed it any ways, you'll have a nice stinky mess to clean up in the next few days.

alwasy keep your eyes on red tail boas. always watch their head and their tail. whatever the neck or tail gets around becomes a perch for the next 5 minutes (i can't just yank my 6 foot boa off of things, i end up having to tickle her tail to make her let go)

i'll repeat it again, watch turtles! they really are great escape artists, i'v lost count of how many times my red belly has gotten out of his tank and got a free few hours in the herp room

hognose snakes are good escapers too. never think there bad climbers.

be careful housing canibalistic snakes together, you might find one day that one is missing and no, it didn't escape (great plains garters for example)

always seperate snakes when feeding ALWAYS!

dont get a pacman frog unless you like geting peed on every time you hold it
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