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1. The hardest lesson of all

1. To reiterate part of lostwithin's post, DON'T get complacent about your caging. My female ringed python squeezed out of her ironically named Stay-in Reptile tank and froze to death this winter after somehow finding her way under the floor of my next door neighbor's house. She had lived in that tank from hatchling size when I got her in back 2000.

2. Bearded dragons have very sharp, sharklike teeth, strong jaws, and bad aim when going after food, so don't hold treats for them in your fingertips.

3. A white lipped python's tooth pattern makes an interesting temporary tattoo.

4. Take amost everything you are told about an animal with a grain of salt. Do your own research, work with your animals, and observe, observe, observe. Anyone can be wrong about some things.
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2.1.1 ball pythons (Hector, Kumasi, Angel, Cinque); 1.0 ringed python (Houdini, RIP Diamond); 0.1 jungle carpet python (Indira); 1.1 white lipped pythons (Raphael, Aaliyah); 2.0 Bearded Dragons (Buddha, Perdito)
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