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what is with this

obsession we have for reptiles. Some people like them, others hate them and we love them. I just cannot get enough of animals in general. All I want to do is have pets. Most reptiles are more to look at then to play with, then why the obsession. I want more and more. I don't even care how much it costs me, well i mean that some animals just cost alot of money regardless if you get a good deal or not. I want to buy fish, so I'm looking into a 75 gallon tank. I want a bird, it has to be a parrot. My corn snake was not big enough, I had to get a boa. My cousen gave me an old terrium, now its a vivarium. I am the only one in my family that likes pets this way, where does this come from? I fear that oneday I will realize that I have too many pets and that I'll have to give them away, or that I'm spending all my money on a phase that I'm going through. Its just that my girlfriend does not feel the same way as I do at all. My parents critisize pet owners for being ignorant, especially dog owners. I bought a leo for my sis, but she did not take proper care of it and now I have a new gecko. Can anyone make sense of this, with all the pet experiance out there someone must know feeling.
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