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have stranger things happened?

well i was sitting at my house in norhtern saskatchewan. it was late fall with a little skiff of snow. i look outside to see. what i first thougth was a turkey. but had little feathers sticking out the top of its head. i was liek huh? then another bird comes in and it is a male peacock.female was brown and male was green and balck and white. and of course the other colors. i called all teh zoos keepers of exotics and even the COs to see were it came from. no one in teh area had a clue. anyway they stayed at my house and i fed them and let them warm up in my garage as winter went on. but one day teh female was gone. 2 or 3 weeks later i was in teh basement and i seen a brown big bird sitting right at teh window. i was liek wow the females back. then as i get closer to take a look. the head turns rigth around and a great horned owl is eatign teh head of teh male peacock. pretty cool to see a great horned owl so close. and he was a huge one. there was wing tips in teh snow must have been 5 feet long.

pretty crazy

thanks for readin any other strange things that ave happened to you.
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