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3.1 Humans (Mother, step-father, myself and younger brother)

4.0 Cats
2.0 Gerbils


1.3.2 Cresteds (male and juvies are tigers with nice fire backs, females are all pinstripes and white spotted) (interested buyers of offspring email or pm me)

1.5 Leopard geckos (norms, hypo male, high yellows etc)
1.1 Grandis Day geckos
0.0.1 Ball Python
1.1 Uromastyx
1.1 Iguannas
1.0 R. Leachianus
1.1 Helmeted Geckos

2.2 Horned Frogs (reds and albinos)
2.0 Whites Tree frogs
1.0 Tiger Salamander
1.1 Fire belly newts


22.35. (millions) Rainbow Variatus - Anyone interested in some serious insane coloured platies pm or email me.

0.0.2 Common plecos
0.0.1 Rhino Pleco
0.1 Bristlemouth pleco
0.1 Tilapia Chichlid
1.0 Frontosa Chichlid
1.0 Jellybean Parrot Chichlid

16 Pond goldfish
1 Japanese Koi
1 Domestic Koi

1 Florida crawfish (Monty)
25 Giant Land Snails

See something you like?. Email or Pm me. I need to slim my collection down.

"We live in a society of laws..why did you think I took you to see those Police Academy movies?...for fun?!!, well I didnt see anybody laughing...did you?!!!"

Homer J.
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