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Originally posted by Cruciform
Drewlowe: if you use a mod chip they don't ban your gamertag, they ban the serial number of the Xbox connecting to live if the system shows signs of modification (eg. modified bios or hard drive files)

The gamertag can be banned for lots of reasons, but I've yet to hear of anyone losing their gamertag for modding. They just aren't able to play on live using a modded box.

I own a modded box AND worked on an Xbox live title, so I'm not talking out of my butt
I know all about banning modded xboxes i don't even think i mentioned modded xboxes, I just made the point that they will and can ban gamertags along with whole systems, i have heard of quite a few gamertags being banned for various reasons.

What game did you work on, just out of curosity?
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