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St. Thomas, Ontario:

Page 4, Item 10
No person shall keep bees, a horse, cow, donkey, mule, pig, goat, sheep, goose, turkey, chicken, duck, pigeons, venomous reptile, snake longer than 60cm, reptiles longer than 30 cm. from nose to vent, cougar, fox, wolf, skunk, raccoon or any wild animal or some of or all of them.

London, Ontario:

Page 14, Part 12, Class 5 Animals
No person shall keep more than 2 Class 5 animals in any dwelling unit or on any premises.
No person is permitted to keep a non-venomous snake that exceeds an overall length of 60 centimeters (24 inches).
No person shall keep a non-venomous lizard that exceeds an overall length of 30.48 centirmeters (12 inches).

Basically, London and St. Thomas suck.

As for what a wiki-web is, you can check it out at They run a community driven encyclopedia there. Any member can edit or contribute to any existing article or create a new one. We've used them at work to collaborate on stuff.
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