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I dont' know WHY it's so addictive -- but I sure as hell can't deny that it is Almost one year ago exactly, I never thought that I'd have a reptile as a pet -- now I have 16 leos, and I'm just waiting for them to get old enough to breed next year Not only that, but I've spent a small fortune on building up good quality breeding stock -- enough to buy myself a car... LOL.

Add that to the fact that after saying that if there was one thing you never had to worry about me bringing home, it was a snake -- guess who wants a snake now? Hehe. When I get my own place when I move out west, I have to make sure that it has an extra room where I can put all of my herps So for me -- that means a 2 bedroom ... or if I get a roomie, that means a 3 bedroom... LOL.

I'm telling ya, it's insane. I've never seen anything like this before I mean seriously -- I love cats, and dogs -- but I would certainly never consider having 16 of them!
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