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wow, just think of the zoo we could open if we all got together. lol. Great post and great collections! Here's my little family.

1.2 humans.

0.1 ferret

2.0 wild gray cockatiels.
1.0 lutino pearl cockatiel
1.0 pied cockatiel.
0.1 cinnimon pearl cockatiel.
0.1 fallow cockatiel.

4.12. 21

1.0 spanish ribbed newt.

1.0 yellow tiger, fire, dalmnation crested gecko.
0.1 tan (extremely light) crested gecko.
1.1 fire cresteds coming at the next show.

Bearded dragons:
1.1 blood/orange bearded dragons.
1.2 orange stripe bearded dragons.
0.1 normal/orange bearded dragon.
1.0 snow/sunberst bearded dragon.
0.1 snow bearded dragon.
0.1 gold bearded dragon.
0.2 red/yellow lavender bearded dragons.
0.1 normal (greysih yellow) bearded dragon.
0.0.14 snowx snow/sunberst bearded dragon.
0.0.15 goldx snow/sunberst bearded dragons.
Going to be looking for 1 or 2 brightly colored reds at the next show.

Leopard geckos:
1.0 super hypo tangerine leos.
0.4 hypo tangerine leos.
1.1 super hypo pastel leos.
0.2 super hypo leos.
1.1 blizzard leos.
1.2 tremper albinos leos.
1.4 patternless leos.
1.0 red stripe carrot tail
0.1 stripe
1.5 double het banana blizzard.
0.3 normal (not breeders, just pets)

Fat tail geckos:
1.2 banded fat tails.
0.2 striped fat tails.
1.0 striped fat tail coming at the next show.

Blue tongue skinks:
1.1 northern blue tongue skinks.
0.1 irian jaya blue tongue skink.
going to get another male northern at the next show, Thanks John Delahaye for suck a great gift.
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