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I was about 8 or 9 when I went on a trip to Thailand. On the main streets of Bangkok, there were several locals holding burms for tourists to take pictures with. My dad jokingly asked if I wanted to have my picture taken with the burm wrapped around me, and I said sure (he expected me to chicken out). That was my first expericence with a snake. After that, I really got interested in reptiles. I kept frogs, and even tried to keep a tokay gecko which I caught in my back yard, but it bit me so many times that I had to let it go. My parents would never let me keep a snake, although retics were very common in my neighbourhood (I guess this was a good thing). When I came to Toronto, I found many pet stores that carried herps. I went to my first Toronto Reptile Expo 3 years ago and bought my first ball python. I badly wanted a burm, but felt that I should 'cut my teeth' on something a little smaller first. Now I have a ball and a columbian BCI, and may get a burm if I ever move out of the GTA (snakes over 10 feet are illegal here).
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