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Originally posted by Syst3m
Not to be the bad guy, but what legislation are we talking about here that is going to ban reptiles? I would like to see some information about what I am signing a petition against. If there is actual legislation going before the senate I would have though I would have heard about it. And on top of that encouraging people to write their congressmen about this would be a much more appropriate step rather then signing a petition that.

Just because some group of people want to ban reptiles does not mean that they have a chance in hell. I'm not aware of any current bills being introduced to make keeping reptiles against the law. On top of that the fact that it would hurt many small businesses is also not in the best interest in this country. I can not see a movement like this making any kind of momentum in this country.
Actually the american humane society is trying to get reptile and other exotic pets banned, i don't know if that will go through or not but they do have a lot of strenth, specially with the puppy and kitty loving people.
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