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Things you've learned the hard way??

I was wonderring if ya'll could spill the beans on some mistakes you've made, lessons learnt, etc. as you enterred the reptile keeping world.

I learned one today.

- Came home and checked on the snakies. Noticed my hoggie's tank was messed up, very unlike her. Opened it up and found my sweet little baby with the thermometer sensor stuck on her head

I use the indoor/outdoor probe thermometers. The probe part on some has a sticky side so you can stick it wherever. I had mine stuck in her container, and somehow she had "opened" the sensor, so that the sticky part was still sticking to the wall, the sensor itself was in the tank, and the casing of it was stuck on her head, just barely above one eye.

LUCKILY, this part was not as sticky as the piece stuck to the tank. But still, she needed a soak and very gently I was able to peel it off with no damage, thankfully.

I never even thought this could happen.

Lesson: be very careful as to where you put a thermometer probe....../ remove anything that could stick to your animal. etc.
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