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This should be a good one! Lets see....

lets start with the

1.1 Adults
2.0 Kids
1.1 Gernam shorthaired Pointers (dogs)
1.0 Weimeraner (dog)
0.3 long haired Chihuaua's (dogs)
1.0 Barn Cat
1.2 Horses....One more due end of May!
2.16 Chickens
2.5 Ducks
1.3.8 Rabbits

Now the Reptiles... Oh my... I wont go into would take me all night LOL :P

About 100 Leopard Geckos....I'm not including new hatchlings, eggs or ones FS.
12 Bearded Dragons
3 Ball Pythons
6 Crested Geckos
4 Cave Geckos
6 Corn Snakes
1 Veiled Chameleon
2 Collard Lizards
2 Red Foot Torts
4 Whites Tree Frogs
1 Frog Eyed Gecko (FS)
3 PT Skinks (FS)

I think thats
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