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Talking My Zoo

Well I only got one human my GF, only one other mamal a dog.

Now that the lower life forms are outta the way lets get to the good stuff.

0.1 Het Albino B.c.i
1.1 JCP's (Thanks Jeff best puchase ever!)
1.1 Albino Nelsons Milks
0.1 Reverse Okeetee's
0.1 Hypo Corns
0.1 Crimson Corns
1.1 Amel Stripe Corns
1.1 Charcoal Corns
1.1 Miami Corns
1.1 Snow Corns

1.0 Supre Hypo Tang
1.0 Super Hypo Tang Baldy Carrottail
0.1 Super Hypo Pastel
0.1 Hypo Tang
0.1 High Yellow
0.2 Tremper Albino's
0.1 Blizzards
0.0.3 Eggs

Thats it so far!
Transform & Roll Out!
1.1 Jungle Carpet Pythons, 0.1 Het Albino Boa, 0.1 African Rock Python
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