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I tried Photojournalism at Loyalist first. Our two main teachers were alcoholics who only liked the students in our class that went drinking with them. Dropped that.

Went into Television Broadcasting. Did well in that until I got sick for 10 days in the last month of class and missed studio time. Since the studios are booked months in advance, making up time is virtually impossible. The annoying thing is that even if you had an A average, which I did, if you missed one course you had to retake the year. So much for TV broadcasting :-/

I then went to Fanshawe, where I studied drinking for several months. I excelled at that, as it was more fun than having to take first year business in order to get into programming.

So I guess my major was not majoring

I even walked out of another school to take a job offer doing Y2K contracting. So I'm like a serial student

I've thought about going back to school too. But I'm not good at learning in the classroom. I'm more hands on, which can be a pain.

Best of luck with your courses
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