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Where the Ducks walk on the Fish? *video*

Okay, so I was in Linesville, PA last summer at the spillway at Pymatuning Reservoir (just passing through). I don't know if anyone is familiar with this freakish spectacle of nature; however, I assume most people have not had the pleasure.
Basically, thousands of these giant carp collect at the base of the spillway (it almost seems that there is more carp than water, mass for mass). Anyway, the fish are so densely packed together (waiting for bread from all the tourists, a biologist's nightmare) that the foul can actually walk over the fish as if they are on solid ground. Hence the town's slogan, "Linesville, PA: Where the ducks walk on the fish."
Of course, I shot a small video so if you are intrigued, feel free to right-click the link and save the small file (1.5mb) to your hard-drive.
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