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What does the regular season have to do with the playoffs?? Obviously nothing.. I remember Ottawa beating Toronto throughout the regular season and losing 4 games straight in the playoffs.. The regular season is all about posistioning in the playoffs (who finishes where).. Detroit has a great team, agree'd.. Prolly better then the teams i listed, but the difference is, the teams i listed have young talented HUNGRY players.. Detroit will be lucky to get passed Nashville.. And if that series goes 7 games, Detroit will be tired for round two, then what??

3. Vancouver 101
4. Colorado 100
5. Dallas 97

That's far from 'underachieving'.. Perhaps they all should have had 164 pt. seasons??

Dank you seem a little harsh sometimes man. Everyone seems to get the joke but you. This is all in good fun. Take a breath.
So im not the only one that's realized that huh??

Taking stuff a little too much to heart.. The Red and Black blinders have you in a bad mood or summin man, it's pretty sad that everyone else can have fun and talk about stuff, but you turn it into a 'what do you know' type conversation..
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