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Thanks everyone for your kind is appeciated.

C.m.pyrrhus: I noticed you are in the States and think that may have something to do with the difference in techniques. The cat received the injections in Canada....and received them high up on the leg. Same with Monkey, Canadian Vet and the shot was administered high up in the leg. As far as I know, there is no reason that the injections could not have been done lower.

I am definately not saying that anytime your animal is given a shot that they will have this problem... We now know that some animals are more likely to develop this problem with "repeated" injections.

The Vet in the States was the one that mentioned about the benefits of giving shots lower in the leg, until that time we had never been told that was a better method.

The vet in Florida was not given a complete history initially as my mother was very upset and wanted to get her looked at immediately. She also did not think that the injections had anything to do with the problem as we had never been told to expect a reaction like this. (My mother is usually very stong, but when it comes to her animals it's very hard for her...not to mention that she lost a cat to a coyote attack just over two years ago....very traumatic as they only found the head)

Anyway, I will post with any new information. Thanks again.
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